Laid-off in lockdown : Thanks Giving!!

In my last two posts (1, 2) I shared how I dealt with getting laid off in lock down and how I managed to search a job. This is last post in that sequence. I am writing it on thanks giving and I could not think of any better day to write this post.

When we face any difficult situation in our life and come out of it, we feel good. We feel good because it is over and we came out stronger. We relax or celebrate. But often time we miss to do something very important.

We forget to say “Thank You!!”.

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I dont want to do that mistake, this post is just to say thank you to some individuals.

My strong & beautiful wife Tanaya supported me through out my life. But during my recent job search (under lockdown and visa restrictions) she helped me like a super hero . She made sure I get all the time I need. Her life came to a halt. Her business came to a halt. It was intense, but she didn't complain. Its not new for her, she has done it many times for me. But this situation was crazy and made me realize that how much sacrifices your life partner does for you. I respect and love her even more.
My daughter Gina (7 yr) helped me in her innocent ways. I realize it now that every day few hour time which I spend with her was a power boost for me. We did drawings together. She discussed about my interviews. She asked me what people ask in interview. We played pretend interviews. It was all so much fun that for few hours I used forgot that I am sitting on a time bomb and need to find a job asap.

Both of them motivated me. They made me work hard.

But most important, it made me realize that there are people in world who love you unconditionally. And they will be always there.That made me Strong.

Thank You Tanaya and Gina!! I love both of you.

My brother Prashant and parents, showed faith in me and never pressed panic button. They helped me. They showed confidence in me. It made a lot of difference, it made me relax. It provided me a security net.

Thank you bhai, mommy and daddy!!

My ex colleagues from keeptruckin, you cant beat them. Few individuals went extra mile. Really extra mile. They arranged interviews for me. They kept in touch. They showed faith me. It was very comforting.

I am skipping names for privacy, but thanks you all of you!!

College friends are real friends!!
Some of them were not responding timely to my casual messages for years, But this time.. they were super prompt. They helped me by all their contacts and advices. Again I am skipping names for privacy, but thanks you all of you from mrec2k1 !!

what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!! Thanks for this opportunity keeptruckin.

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