Learnings — 12/31/2020

This is a new series of posts I am writing starting today. This is inspired my questions my daughter asked me while we play together.

I realize that how less I know about the things I use or see every day. I think I am not curious & investigative. That I think is the biggest difference between a child and grownup. Children are alway curious and open minded.

I decided to fix this. I plan to be more curious , start investigating things which I come across. Just simple things . Things like “weed vs plants”, “fruit vs vegetables”, what is “HRV”, etc.

Just simple things. And as I find my answers, I will record them here.

Today I thought about

weed vs plants

My daughter asked me this few weeks back. We have a lot of weeds in our garden. I keep on pulling them out. My daughter asked “me why I do that?”. I said “because weeds are bad”. She asked “why?”.

I didnt had convincing answer.Today I searched for the same. I think when she asked me I was thinking on correct lines, but could not put it properly.

Weeds are bad because Weeds Compete with plants I want to grow in garden. Weeds Block Out Sunlight and Steal Water.

I also realized that not all weeds are bad. infact the one which grows in my back yard is good. It is beautiful & yummy. It is called “Sour Grass”. You can in fact eat it. What a wonderful thing to learn about.

Fruits vs Vegetables

This is another question she asked me. Question was “Why orange is fruit and potato is vegetable”. I did not know. I told her “I will read about it”.

Today I read. I came to know that we stuff which develops from flowers is called fruit, everything else is a vegetable. Fruits contains seeds, while vegetable doesn't. So

  • Pumpkin is a fruit, so is Pepper and Squash.
  • Fruits are also sweet in taste, but sweet potato is a vegetable.
  • Berries Strawberry and raspberry are not berries in botany. Eggplant is a berry. So does banana, tomato and pomegranates. They are all berries. Avocado is a berry too.
  • Okra is a fruit, peas is a fruit.

I really feel good after learning it.


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